Daniverse-Prime Timeline

The big list of stuff that happened, and when

GM Notes: This timeline primarily deals with the S³M setting, although it still applies to all other Daniverse-Prime settings, and other alternate settings in modified form. All dates are presented in Earth-years using the Gregorian calendar. Entries in grey are secret knowledge; entries in red or green are special events. This timeline is continuously being refined and updated, and so will change periodically.

Changeling gathering designates the Ozrahdi race as its “chosen,” begins aiding their technological, cultural and military ascension. Experiments begin to perfect the race, resulting in several variations on different worlds. A dissenting opinion evolves into a faction within the gathering that opposes the Ozrahd as chosen. The dissent would eventually result in open warfare, ending in the break-away of the dissenting faction who, forming the Symposium, began setting up humanity to oppose and confound the efforts of the Gathering. Before the schism the gathering operated openly, but was forced to hide themselves afterward to protect the knowledge of their plans from the Symposium.
Ozrahd reach TL9. Beginning of the first Ozrahdi age of expansion. In the decades that follow, the Ozrahdi explorers make contact with four other Ozrahdi civilizations evolving independently on other worlds. The explorers begin assisting the more primitive ones in raising their overall technological knowledge, eventually bringing them all to roughly the same level.
The Symposium, deciding that the Tharê strain of humanity was too genetically rigid, devised an experiment to combine their genetic materials with the Terran strain, as well as elevating the Terrans' burgeoning culture. The two resulting species (Vampires and Lycans) would eventually be found incompatible.
Tharê reach TL9. Tharê explorers make contact with the inhabitants of Sol III and establish a base of operations there, only to be cut off from their mother planet and stranded, proving the theory that the wormhole only operated in one direction. The explorers were worshipped as gods, and heavily influenced local culture, resulting in the Egyptian empire.
Tharêan magi, result of Symposium experimentation, form an illuminati-group calling itself the Society, and would be used by the Symposium over time to assist their effort to perfect the human race.
The cult of the Precursors becomes the official religion of the collective Ozrahdi empire. In the years to follow, the church gains power and influence.
c. 1200BC:
The Ozrahdi Unification Wars: The church hierarchy declares crusades, lasting a hundred years, to unify the colonies and the newly-discovered tribes under the governance of the church. It is eventually successful, although there are several rebellions of variable levels of success throughout the next millennium.
First recorded Ozrahdi contact with the Rakashkka (=AliensT).
Præxiõns reach TL9. Beginning of the Præxiõn age of expansion: Præxiõn scientists predict the complete depletion of natural resources on their home planet, prompting the government to announce a push for colonization of other worlds.
A religious revolution, followed by a plague among scholars caused by gengineering mistakes that nearly wipes out the entire scientific community, causes the Tharêan technological advancement to regress to nearly TL8 levels. Several Tharêan colonies are completely abandoned.
In a gambit reminiscent of Christopher Columbus, Præxiõn explorers led by the brothers Romulus and Remus accidentally enter a wormhole and discover Sol III. They establish the most successful foreign colony in Præxiõn history, although the Præxiõn people would not learn of it for half a millennium.
The beginning of the second Ozrahdi age of expansion, eventually doubling the size of the empire. The Ozrahd reach TL10 around this time. Ozrahdi explorers make first contact with all the races that would eventually become part of the empire.
The beginning of the Ozrahdi Dark Ages: during this period the Ozrahd are plagued by many destructive invasions by the Yautja, whose tactics include slavery, repression and genocide. The Ozrahdi populations are reduced to one-quarter and the technological advancement regresses to TL8. Several Ozrahdi worlds are completely wiped out.
Præxiõns reach TL10.
Tharê reach TL9 (again). The Tharêan colonies each declare independence, to which the Pharaoh says, “You're on your own, now.”
Tharêan explorers make contact with a TL4 Neo-Human civilization in the Hatihekai system, dubbed the Nayt'ai, with “magical” abilities. Their ability was later attributed to a mineral found there. The explorers make a pact to keep the location a secret, giving birth to the Society. Over the next thousand years, the Society would devise ways to combine the mineral with their own technology, advancing both considerably.
Ozrahd destroy the empire of the Yautja, with considerable assistance from their new alliance with the Kazha; the Yautja that remain go into hiding, never again to be seen as a unified military force, and become technologically stagnant. The height of the Manriki Empire (Zürran).
Society explorers make contact with the Sk'ran and establish diplomatic relations.
A disenfranchised member of the Symposium leaves, taking several others with him, and begins re-engineering the Sk'ran to destroy the work of the Symposium in an act of revenge, setting himself up as their leader. The Society is banished from the system.
A double-agent to the Symposium is discovered by the Sk'ran leader. The double-agent, Gen-Haisis, flees to Terra to protect them from the impending invasion, where his botched landing results in the Tunguska Explosion. The Sk'ran leader sends agents, and eventually himself decades later, to destroy Gen-Haisis.
The Sk'ran reach a general TL9, with extreme advances in living-tech. Sufficiently advanced, their changeling leader sets in motion his planned genocide of all strains of the human race.
Tharê reach TL10. Technomages (from the Society) appear to each of the Tharêan kings, warning of the coming Sk'ran invasion. It takes several years to convince them. The rise of the tenth Iaili dynasty and the height of the Empire of the Golden Crest (Iaili).
The Tharêan kings unite, forming the UKT, and contact the other races with which they have made contact to form an alliance to combat the Sk'ran. The UEN is founded.
The Nayt'ai civilization is destroyed by the Sk'ran invasion. The Society refrains from calling to the Tharêan kings for help, allowing the Nayt'ai to perish in order to maintain their secrets.
The Shadow Government, referred to as the Terran Republic, unites NATO and Warsaw Pact nations in a secret alliance with the United EarthFleet Nations (including the United Kingdoms of the Tharê, the Iaili Federation, the Makkean Republic). By 1958, most of Terra is under the control of the Terran Republic, although this fact is concealed from the general population. In a contingency effort, Terra also begins to implement plans for colonization and expansion. The Terran Republic jumps to TL8, while the general Terran populace remains at TL7.
The Sk'ran war: member nations of the UEN combat the Sk'ran.
The Zürran Empire and RPI declare war.
OKU invades the Haan Li system. Individual Skosra submit to Ozrahdi rule, eventually enslaving the entire race one-by-one.
Miscellaneous internal difficulties in many of the states of the Terran government allow the United States to emerge dominant in the covert world government.
Events depicted in the movies Predator and Predator II occur around this time.
Events depicted in the movie Stargate occur around this time.
The leader of the Sk'ran is killed on Terra, leaving the invasion forces in “automatic” mode, carrying out their last instruction-to destroy humanity
About this time, through normal cross-breeding, the Ozrahd becomes one race.
Ozrahdi forces discover Vonchaah masters, and subjugate them, conquering Zuul.
The Ghuarran tribes unsuccessfully unite against the Ozrahdi invasion, and are enslaved.
Taking advantage of the Zürran Empire's weakened position due to their war with the RPI, the OKU begins reclaiming several systems currently under Zürran control.
Earthfall: Sk'ran invade the Terran homeworld but are repelled after nearly two years of constant battle. At this time, the Terran populace becomes aware of the Shadow Government and it's ongoing war and, eventually, wholeheartedly accept it. Valmerios Quinkælios (“God-Emperor”) becomes the Imperator of the Præxiõn Empire and ends the war with the Zürran Empire.
Gehenna/The Reckoning/The Apocalypse/The Gathering/The Ascension War/etc. all occur parallel to the Sk'ran invasion, under the noses of the general population. Most “paranormal” beings were wiped out; what remained of the Traditions' Magi and Technocracy, along with the Lycans, retreated into the Umbra.
In the wake of the alien invasion of Terra, a majority of European, South American, and Asian nations collapse. The United Nations is officially absorbed into the Terran Republic, and moves to replace the collapsed governments.
Maj. Robert Mark Fury (US Army, retired) is elected President of the United States. He is very pro-Terran Republic, providing the U.S. maintains its sovereignty.
Terrans reach early TL9, with considerable help from the Tharê. The beginning of the Terran Exodus. OKU begins plotting to “test the Terrans mettle.”
President Fury is assassinated by terrorists calling themselves the “Inquisition.” He is killed during his State of the Union speech by use of a small thermonuclear device, and much of the American federal government is also wiped out. The Terran Republic assumes control of the United States and becomes the Terran Federal Republic (TFR). The Kazha openly declare independence from the Ozrahd, who allow them to secede without a fight.
The Kazha Union accepts membership into UEN. The TFR sign a mutual non-aggression treaty with the Kyahnt Confederation; this treaty is significant because it is later pointed to as the only treaty the Terrans continued to honor.
The Sk'ran homeworld is located and a massive orbital bombardment campaign commences, continuing for 300 days. The Imperial Præxiõn Empire is reunified by Imperator Valmerios Quinkælios.
Just weeks after the Sk'ran war ends, the Kazha Union reveals its duplicity in joining the UEN and declares war upon its former allies. The first Terrans are admitted into the Navigators.
The Imperial Præxiõn Republic moves to annex the Iaili Republic, causing a stir in the UEN. The Iaili government surrenders without conflict, due to the reputation of the God-Emperor, and becomes a vassal-state of the Empire.
The Makkean Republic is ejected from UEN due to their reluctance to help curb ChiCom piracy. Their borders are blockaded by UEN vessels. The UEN-Kazha War ends. It is later learned that the Kazha never really split from the OKU, although the Ozrahdi gov't intensely denies any involvement in the war. The Terran Republic begins to split apart, as New Britannia officially secedes from the TFR. At this point, the TFR controls 12 systems. The civil war lasts for 3 years but New Britannia is finally recaptured.
The TFR officially withdraws from the UEN. The same year, 4 attempted secessions occur, all ending in bloodshed. Sporadic fighting will occur until 2053, draining resources and manpower.
2083(July 4):
The United Stars Alliance is established when three systems band together under retired General and onetime TFR Prime Minister David Alec Hunter to secede from the Terran Federal Republic. In an ironic move, the USA forwards a copy of the American Declaration of Independence to the TFR, in addition to their own Declaration. The TFR is unable to recapture the colonies.
The USA is recognized by the TFR following a series of bloody USA victories including the infamous Battle of Pacifica. The USA adapts the Constitution of the United States for their own use, changing very little. General Hunter is unanimously elected President. At almost the same time as the TFR recognizes the USA, an additional colony announces their secession and the TFR is forced to recognize Megaera Protectorate.
To deal with the rapid deterioration of law and order in the human sphere of influence, and to regulate international commerce, the various governments organize the Confederated Human Worlds.
The Telepath War: After decades of abuses and power-grabs, the Telepathy Corps organization (based in the TFR) is destroyed by a combined force of mundane humans and rogue telepaths. A new organization for the protection and training of psionic individuals is later formed, the Psi Guild, and will be recognized by the CHW gov't as an autonomous entity.
Valmerios Quinkælios dies. He is succeeded by his son Gaius Levidus Quinkælios and is declared patron saint of the Empire. To celebrate Imperator Valmerios' “ascension to the heavens,” the Imperial Præxiõn Empire declares war upon the Ozrahdi-Kazha Union. The war lasts only two years and ends with no territorial changes but is significant due to the immense loss of life on both sides.
The Commonwealth of New Britannia is formed, as the USA finally lets go of those colonies that continually threaten its peace, and officially recognizes the new gov't.
War between the USA and the CNB over the mining rights of a dozen newly discovered silima ore locations in what would become the [Ex-Calanat] system. The war lasts two years and ends when an Ozrahdi Battle Group arrives to assume control of the mines.
The Nostromo Incident: events depicted in the movie Alien are said to occur around this time, according to spacer legends.
The remnants of the UEN reorganize into the Galactic Peace Organization (GPO) following the Mitte Rahn Accords. Nearly all galnats sign on, either to protect themselves from takeover, or to use the GPO to manipulate the others. The first thing done by the GPO, after establishing borders and such, was to declare the galactic core and its outskirts, as a whole, to be neutral territory, unable to be claimed by any one galnat, so that no one galnat can completely control silima production.
The GPO passes slavery laws allowing nations to take slaves of other nationalities in wartime only, amidst much protest by the Confederacy who are very anti-slavery. This is one of the very few times the Confederacy does not get its way in the GPO, due to lack of RPI backup. [Ozrahdi plot?]
The beginning of the Age of Piracy; the rise of the CNB and decline of the USA.
The OKU conquers and annexes the Boellann colonies.
New Britannia made the new capital of the Confederacy.
New expansion of the USA is halted again by internal civil war; a number of colonies attempt to secede and form their own nation. The USA successfully recaptured the seceding colonies in a bloody campaign that lasted five years.
Events and conditions depicted in Firefly occur around this time.
The Hadley's Hope Incident: events depicted in the movie Aliens are said to occur around this time, according to spacer legends.
Undeclared war between OKU and CHW begins with unsuccessful Terran military expedition to aid the Præxiõns in their territories contested with the Ozrahd.
The Confederated Human Worlds declares war against the Tohre-Chi as a result of continued pirate attacks on colonial shipping and installations, ending when the Ozrahd take advantage of the war and begin raiding worlds on their border with the Tohre-Chi Commonwealth.
OKU assembles the Great Fleet and sends it into Præxiõn space against the Terrans, which surprisingly beaten back at [Battle].
CHW sends their own armada into OKU space in response to the failed Ozrahdi attack, and fails similarly.
Anti-Piracy agreement signed between the ChiCom and the Confederacy, ending the war, although never really ending the piracy. By the end of the conflict, Terrans achieve early TL10, although the UKT and FRS would remain a half-step ahead of the other Terran territories (at mid-TL10).
Benjamin Weizmann is elected as Secretary General of the Confederacy, begins a series of sweeping changes that were intensely popular with the general populace, but caused a great deal of fear in the leadership, within and without. There would be many attempts to be rid of him during his term.
Disappearance of the TFS Normandy: lone survivor, Ens. AJ Trent, is found adrift and later publicly court-martialed for “dereliction of duty,” although he has no memory of what happened.
Disintegration of the Tohre-Chi Commonwealth. Four nations are formed from the mess toward the end of the year. Piracy versus the Confederacy nations begins anew, although on a small enough scale that the Confederacy cannot justify declaring war.
Nahariyya system secedes from the Unity of Laados (ChiCom).
S³M Game Time: Edict of [Name] sets borders for the Tohre-Chi succession states, although the GPO is unable to reliably enforce them. Later that year, [Name] was set up as overlord over the Commonwealth, but was soon assassinated, and was never replaced.
(19May-20Jul) Treaty signed to end the Undeclared War between the CHW and the OKU.
The Confederation sanctions the UKT for their involvement in a plot to assassinate the Secretary General.
FRS rebellion occurs.
SecGen Weizmann dies of natural causes, and Hemaka Nabeh takes over as Secretary General, cuts defense, tries to unify the Houses under Confed rule, and ends the war with the Union.
Due to their dominance in the war with the Union, the USA becomes the dominant economic and political power in the CHW.
Redemption storyline